Welcome to the Antares NX-11!

Antares (NX-11) is a Star Trek Collaborative Writing Group that takes place in an Alternate Universe where the Federation was not formed. Earth’s relationship with the Vulcans took a serious downturn when the Vulcan High Command requested that the Warp 5 Program should be terminated after an unfortunate accident in which the Paraagan mining colony, Paraagan II, was destroyed. Earth, deciding to defy the advice of Vulcan, continued with the program. With the Vulcans no longer involved, this left an opening for the Andorians and Vissians to partner with Earth and guide them in their exploration of the galaxy.

Our sim takes place in the year of 2160 and is based aboard the NX Type vessel Antares, under the command of Captain Annett Matthews. Currently, the Antares is tasked with law enforcement, rescue, and rapid response to emergencies concerning the United Earth. The Antares was built with an extra deck and modular space for additional passengers and to support missions they respond to.

Our unique timeline and canon is known to the crew as "EagleVerse" (named for the first sim in the universe) and part of United Earth Starfleet. All information contained within our database has been deemed by the Game Master to be official Antares canon.For more information please browse our database, contact us via our main website, or discord server.

Latest News Items

» Community Goal Updates

Posted on 01 Apr 2021 @ 9:35am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in General News

Hey everyone! Please make sure that you check out the recent updates to our Community Goals with progress being shared by members of Starfleet Command. While you're at it please stop into the Discord in #earth and help liven up the place. While we have always strived to be a great community when it was just us on the Antares it is even more important to have an inviting atmosphere to our newcomers as well to help develop our new group United Earth Starfleet.



» UES Community Goals Announced

Posted on 14 Mar 2021 @ 3:13pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in General News

Members of Starfleet Command have decided that in order to help involve our community in development of the organization and our canon that it would be helpful for our members to know what our plans are. After a discussion of command members we have create a page on the website that lists all of our major development goals for the next year which will be updated each month by Starfleet Command beginning in May 2021. We have decided for simplicity sake to include the rest of March into the goals for April of this year to give us a bit of a head start as we begin to follow our new plan.

These goals include things like official specifications for our NX-Type vessels, the two variants, and for Apollo Base. It also includes plans for expansion to other units to allow for more exciting writing opportunities as well as reviewing and revamping our existing time line to have more content and feel less like a list.

We have some big goals for the year and we are looking for all members at levels who are interested in participating and contributing even to a single idea or database article to please let a member of Starfleet Command know of their interest or visit the #development channel on the discord and start a discussion.

To view our new list of goals please click here or check the Our Community drop-down on the main menu on the UES website.

» Greenfelt Awarded Community Service Award

Posted on 23 Feb 2021 @ 4:08pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in Sim Announcement

Congraulations to our very own Greenfelt who writes for LCDR Josiah Hawkns! Due to his fantastic support providing graphics and nova theme support to United Earth Starfleet he has been awarded the Community Support Award by Starfleet Command. For more information click here to view the official announcement on the UES website.

» Returning January 2021!

Posted on 27 Nov 2020 @ 10:15pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in General News

With all going on in the world, not including even the things going on in the lives of our leadership and members we’ve decided to take a little break. United Earth Starfleet will be on hiatus until January of 2021. We will be returning with a new mission and a crew ready for action. Expect some other exciting news as well!

» New Skin

Posted on 31 May 2020 @ 9:08am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in Website Update

I would like to announce that the Antares now has a new website skin thanks to the wonderful artistry of Greenfelt! I want to send out a huge thanks from all of the Antares members and staff. If anyone has issues viewing the website or the new skin please try a hard refresh first and then contact me via Discord if that doesn't help.

Latest Mission Posts

» Prep Work

Mission: A Miner Problem
Posted on 02 Apr 2021 @ 9:18am by Lieutenant Commander Josiah Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari MD & Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Sharque

Teams were already at work preparing the space to accommodate some auxiliary medical services. The Andorain Colonel surveyed the work with a sharp eye for detail.

"If we reduce the space between these rows of beds," Kehlan indicated on his large PADD schematic. "We can free up space for an…

» Busy Signal

Mission: A Miner Problem
Posted on 01 Apr 2021 @ 9:40am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Lieutenant Dante Jones & Warrant Officer 1 Cirice Craven

"Officer of the Deck report," Annett said, as she walked back onto the bridge with the senior staff having been briefed.

"En route to Terra Nova B at full warp," Dante reeled off in a functional tone., his face serious and focused as he turned to face the Captain. "ETA…

» An Old Acquaintance Renewed

Mission: A Miner Problem
Posted on 08 Mar 2021 @ 10:08am by Lieutenant Commander Josiah Hawkins & Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng.

Josiah had been living for this moment for more than a decade, and now that it was finally here, he could hardly believe it. He was going to finally get his own engine room. The Antares was rated for deep space service and rescue, a concept he wasn't unfamiliar with…

» A Change of Destination

Mission: A Miner Problem
Posted on 26 Feb 2021 @ 6:28pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Sharque & Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Lieutenant Commander Josiah Hawkins & Captain Emily Ross & Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari MD

David was already in the Ward Room working on some paperwork and enjoying a late lunch. When the announcement for senior staff to report to the Ward Room came from overhead he sighed at the half of sandwich that was still before him.

"Make a fresh pot of coffee and…

» Distress Signal

Mission: A Miner Problem
Posted on 17 Feb 2021 @ 11:22pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Lieutenant Dante Jones & Warrant Officer 1 Cirice Craven

The Antares was at cruising warp speed heading back to Earth after a successful training mission and using the new modular system installed in the ship's bottom deck. The ship had been performing well and as long as it was near a place it could reconfigure for an emergency the…