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Antares (NX-11) is a Star Trek Collaborative Writing Group that takes place in an Alternate Universe where the Federation was not formed. Earth’s relationship with the Vulcans took a serious downturn when the Vulcan High Command requested that the Warp 5 Program should be terminated after an unfortunate accident in which the Paraagan mining colony, Paraagan II, was destroyed. Earth, deciding to defy the advice of Vulcan, continued with the program. With the Vulcans no longer involved, this left an opening for the Andorians and Vissians to partner with Earth and guide them in their exploration of the galaxy.

Our sim takes place in the year of 2160 and is based aboard the NX Type vessel Antares, under the command of Captain Annett Matthews. Currently, the Antares is tasked with law enforcement, rescue, and rapid response to emergencies concerning the United Earth. The Antares was built with an extra deck and modular space for additional passengers and to support missions they respond to.

Our unique timeline and canon is known to the crew as "EagleVerse" (named for the first sim in the universe) and part of United Earth Starfleet. All information contained within our database has been deemed by the Game Master to be official Antares canon.For more information please browse our database, contact us via our main website, or discord server.

Latest News Items

» Returning January 2021!

Posted on 27 Nov 2020 @ 10:15pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in General News

With all going on in the world, not including even the things going on in the lives of our leadership and members we’ve decided to take a little break. United Earth Starfleet will be on hiatus until January of 2021. We will be returning with a new mission and a crew ready for action. Expect some other exciting news as well!

» New Skin

Posted on 31 May 2020 @ 9:08am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in Website Update

I would like to announce that the Antares now has a new website skin thanks to the wonderful artistry of Greenfelt! I want to send out a huge thanks from all of the Antares members and staff. If anyone has issues viewing the website or the new skin please try a hard refresh first and then contact me via Discord if that doesn't help.

» New URL!

Posted on 26 May 2020 @ 11:31am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in Website Update

Our website is back online and located at its new URL: https://antares.uestarfleet.com - please be sure to update your bookmarks as I will eventually delete the redirect. Also please whitelist nova@uestarfleet.com as that will be the address the NOVA sends messages from for now on. The database entries for ranks will be updated shortly with the new URLs but everything else should be working as of now.

Any questions or issues please hit me up in Discord.


» Website Downtime

Posted on 26 May 2020 @ 7:22am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in Website Update

The Antares website will be offline temporarily for a change in URL.

» Activity Requirements Reinstated 1 JUN

Posted on 21 May 2020 @ 1:00am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. in Website Update

Effective Monday 1 June 2020 the Antares will be returning to normal activity requirements. If there is an issue with returning to active status members should contact the GM as soon as possible. In order to not be considered inactive, you must contact the GM prior to 1 JUN.

As a reminder:

All members of the Antares, regardless of position, are required to login to the system at the very least once every seventy-two (72) hours and to update any joint posts they are involved in unless otherwise stated between those involved. It is expected that each member have part in at least one post completed per fourteen days. As we understand that this is a hobby and not a game, a leave of absence may be declared by a member at anytime. Any member who routinely disregards the activity requirements or have received complaints from other members regarding lack of activity may be removed from active membership.

Latest Mission Posts

» Andorian Cultural Event

Mission: Prologue: Earth Ho!
Posted on 15 Sep 2020 @ 11:34am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Sharque & Sergeant First Class Vincent Ewing & Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Petty Officer First Class Brianna Traynor & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nikita Andreeva & Captain Emily Ross & Warrant Officer 1 Cirice Craven & Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari MD

Kehlan moved about the room putting finishing touches on decorations. The Andorian Colonel wore his ceremonial uniform, with a black fur baldric. The room had come together nicely, the food was prepared, and Kehlan was ready to entertain. Now all that was needed was guests.

Cirice was still in the…

» Reporting in

Mission: Prologue: Earth Ho!
Posted on 08 Sep 2020 @ 10:09pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nikita Andreeva

Nikita stopped in front of captain’s quarters. She looked down on her uniform, making sure everything was in order. Satisfied, she tapped the button of the doorbell to announce her presence.

She arrived on the starship two hours ago as one of the latest additions to the crew, transferred from…

» Eyes Wide Shut

Mission: M1: Distress Signal (Cancelled)
Posted on 05 Sep 2020 @ 2:58pm by Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine

As the hour struck 0400, a small alarm started to go off in the quarters. It gradually increased in sound to awaken the occupants of the room from their just recent slumber.

"Alright," Spencer said in a hushed groan as he sat up and looked around the room. He wasn't…

» Early Morning Time Crunch

Mission: M1: Distress Signal (Cancelled)
Posted on 03 Sep 2020 @ 12:57am by Lieutenant Commander Jackson "Jack" Watney

The alarm buzzed. It kept buzzing. An arm reached out from under the sheets and slapped the wall console and the sound turned off. Laying on his back, Jack Watney rubbed his eyes and groaned. "Shit." He said under his breath. Planting his feet on the floor, he stood up…


Mission: M1: Distress Signal (Cancelled)
Posted on 31 Aug 2020 @ 11:04am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Lieutenant Dante Jones

Annett paced back and forth in her office sipping from her coffee mug, "enter," she called when the chime rang. She didn't bother to look to see who it was but moved to her armchair in the sitting area.

Natsumi took a deep breath. The Captain was not going to…