Lieutenant Commander Jackson "Jack" Watney

Name Jackson "Jack" Ezekiel Watney

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey


Father Paul Watney
Mother Jaquline Watney (D. 2133)
Sister(s) Paula (37, Jackson's Twin)
Important Relationships/Other Family Best Friend: David Fredickson
Brother-in-law: Quincy Thompson
His childhood counselor, who he still is in contact with: Dr. Yasmin Moogana

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jack is a compassionate, smart, nerdy man. He always puts others before himself, and made sure that others are taken care of. He has a stubborn side to him, which he got from his father, where he wouldn't budge unless he had too. If someone is threatening someone he cares about he will defend them with everything he has.

Jack is a natural introvert, and loves his alone time. He is able to relax and recharge by listening to music, reading a book, or working out. Though he is an introvert, he can be very out going. He loves to hang out with a few good friends and just talk.

He loves the outdoors. His favorite thing to do revolve around bodies of water. Long walks by the ocean, beach volleyball, sunbathing, hiking, swimming, or just relaxing. The sound of the water, whether roaring waves or a trickling stream, calmed him.
Ambitions Teach at Starfleet Academy
Hobbies & Interests Weight lifting, Writing, reading, amatur botany

Personal History Jackson was born and raised in Aberdeen, Washington, North American Continent. He has a twin sister, Paula, named after their father and Jack was named after his mother. His family was very religious growing up. Attending church every Sunday.

When Jack was 10 years old, his mother was killed in an accident, involving two vehicles. Her vehicle exploded and she was engulfed in flames, so there was nothing for the doctors to revive. This trauma hurt the whole family. Paula and Jackson’s teacher, suggested to their father that they go and speak to a counselor. Being a very stubborn man, Paul didn’t like that idea, and was very adamant about dealing with it in his own home. Shortly after, Jack started to show signs of extreme pent up anger, and his father sought help from their pastor. After speaking with their pastor, Paul decided that it would be best. Paul and his kids attended sessions with Dr. Yasmin Moogana, who met with them weekly.

Paula and Jack kept meeting with the counselor through their lives for many things that happened throughout.

When Jack was 18, in 2141, he joined starfleet Academy to study Engineering. Many things happened in his four years there. One of them being meeting his best friend, David Fredrickson. Jack and David were roommates, and David was studying Armory Operations. They would attend parties and study together. In 2142, David introduced Jack to his girlfriend, Kathy.

Jack and Kathy dated for three years in Starfleet Academy. She was studying to be a pilot. It was Jack’s senior year and Kathy’s junior. Kathy was excited to get stationed on a starship and start flying, but Jack wanted to go into Starfleet’s Masters of Engineering program. Kathy didn’t like that at all. She didn’t want a long distance relationship, and she wanted them to be station together on a ship. Even though they didn’t have families they could stay dating on the ship. But Jack, being as stubborn as his father, told her that he really thought it would be best for his career if he stayed in the academy to get his Master’s Degree. She was upset, and stormed out. She came back the next day and she admitted that she overreacted. They dated for another couple months, and Jack decided that he didn’t want to have to deal with a relationship and his Master’s program. He broke up with her, and she freaked out and stormed out.

In 2145 Jackson started in on his Master in Engineering, and majoring in Warp Theory. Since he had graduated the academy, he now was an ensign, and wore an officer’s uniform with the single rank pip on the left side of his chest. By this time David was already stationed on a ship as a Security Officer. He graduated in 2147, and was promoted to Lieutenant JG.

Jack’s first posting was on the Starship Hermes as the Propulsion Division Officer. Nothing super exciting happened in his first two years serving on the ship. The most exciting things that happened, was he was able to view the Enterprise, NX-01, launch from dry dock, and the second most exciting thing was when Nausicaan pirates tried to steal their ship. Which they were successful in fighting off the boarding parties.

In 2152, Jack was promoted to Lieutenant, and to Assistant Engineering Officer. In 2153, the Hermes was recalled to Earth after the Xindi weapon attack on Earth. The Hermes was set to patrol duty looking for any sign of any of the Xindi, while the Enterprise goes into the Expanse to search for them.

In 2154, the new Xindi weapon is en route to Earth, the Hermes is again, recalled and is ready to engage the weapon. A few months after their victory, the crew takes a moment of silence for Admiral Forrest, and the other who died at the Earth Embassy on Vulcan. Life goes back to normal.

A part of Jackson is sad when he hears of the Vulcan’s aggression towards Earth and that they are no longer assisting in the Warp 5 or any of the programs. He admired the Vulcan’s and their devotion to logic. He had met a Vulcan at Starfleet Academy, and had discussed warp theory with him. He did his Master’s thesis on this Vulcan’s warp theories. Though he couldn’t find much since the Vulcan didn’t want to “contaminate” the Human’s culture, so he wrote what he could. He still have the book that the Vulcan had given him.

In 2156, Jackson said goodbye to his home of nine years, and transferred to the Starship Galileo, and Intrepid Type vessel. In doing so, he got a promotion to Engineering Officer. This was an exciting venture for him. He had worked hard for this, and was ready for the challenge. By now, the Intrepid had been refitted with the Warp 5 engine, which Jack took every second of his first two weeks on the ship studying. Not that he hadn’t before he transferred.

Since 2155, Jack had followed the Starfleet Engineering journals that discussed the Deep Space Rescue Program or the DSR. He looked at all the specs for the new refitted NX class Starship, read every issue that came out, and watched every interview with Captain Matthews.

2160 rolled along, and Jackson had been promoted to Lieutenant Commander, in 2158, and it also marked his 19th year in Starfleet. Next year would be his big 2-0, and he wasn’t sure what to think about that. He was just finishing up a shore leave, visiting his sister, her husband and three kids, and his father. When he got a subspace from David, he was now the Armory Officer of the Yosemite, exploring deep space. His message said that the Antares, the new refit of the NX under Captain Matthews was looking for an Engineering Officer, and that he thinks Jack should put in for it. Jackson immediately looks at it and puts in the for the transfer. He contacts his CO, who is already in orbit getting resupplied. He was sad to notify him, but Captain Tiberius agreed that it was too good of a possibility to pass up, and approved the request of transfer, and even included a personal recommendation.

Two weeks after putting in the transfer request, the request was approved, and Jackson moved into his new home.
Service Record 2141 - 2145; Starfleet Academy; Cadet
2145 - 2147; Starfleet Academy, Masters in Engineering, Warp Theory Major; Ensign
2147 - 2152; Hermes (Sarajevo Type), Propulsion Division Officer; Lieutenant JG
2152 - 2156; Hermes (Sarajevo Type), Assistant Engineering Officer; Lieutenant
2156 - 2158; Galileo (Intrepid Type), Engineering Officer; Lieutenant
2158 - 2160; Galileo (Intrepid Type), Engineering Officer; Lieutenant Commander
2160 - ????; Antares (NX Type), Engineering Officer; Lieutenant Commander