A Miner Problem

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After communication was re-established with the Terra Nova colony by Starfleet and United Earth a mining colony was established on Moon B of Terra Nova. The Terra Nova B Mine has been operating since 2155 and a distress signal from Terra Nova Colony reporting a loss of contact with the mine has been reported. The Antares NX-11 has been dispatched to establish contact and find out what happened.

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Prologue: Earth Ho!

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Antares returns to Earth from a year underway, on an exploration mission, and crew is enjoying R&R with friends and family back on Earth. The ship enters dry dock for some maintenance and system upgrades. And the news comes that the modular system for the Antares operation as a Rescue Platform has been completed and will finally join the ship.

M1: Distress Signal (Cancelled)

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After taking on the modular system to be Starfleet's official Rescue Ship the Antares is out conducting a training operation when they intercept a distress call from a Vulcan ship claiming they're Syrrannite Refugees seeking asylum.

Canon Note: According to our timeline there is no Vulcan reformation and the Syrrannites are cast out of Vulcan civilization or imprisoned.