Andorian Cultural Event

Posted on 15 Sep 2020 @ 11:34am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Sharque & Sergeant First Class Vincent Ewing & Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Petty Officer First Class Brianna Traynor & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nikita Andreeva & Captain Emily Ross & Warrant Officer 1 Cirice Craven & Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari MD

Mission: Prologue: Earth Ho!
Location: Crew’s Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 18 at 1900

Kehlan moved about the room putting finishing touches on decorations. The Andorian Colonel wore his ceremonial uniform, with a black fur baldric. The room had come together nicely, the food was prepared, and Kehlan was ready to entertain. Now all that was needed was guests.

Cirice was still in the getting ready stage of heading out for the event she'd been notified on. Despite having the simplified wardrobe choice available for her selection, she hadn't a clue what to wear to this sort of thing. Usual duty uniform was probably a safe choice but a poor choice if this was something dressier. There was her dress uniform which would be okay in that sort of thing, but too much if it wasn't a dressy affair. Her civilian clothes were right out even though they were basic jeans and t-shirts. Moose-kah kept tapping her Carnivale Grand Entry Parade attire of billowy shirt with intricate embroidery on collar and cuffs, roomy pants with delicate sparkly fringe along the outer seams, and the heavily embroidered and inlaid overvest. It was something she'd feel more comfortable in, but if this was more of an official Starfleet thing, it'd probably go over like a wet fart in a closed elevator. Cirice looked to Moose-kah who just honked his opinion at her.

Her roommate, was the usual missing person, it was like they worked alternate schedules, so she was checking her dress uniform again, it was up to her standards, then she took the few seconds to straighten up, then headed out the door.

Natsumi was.. well, she had decided to come in her dress uniform. Part of that was sheer expediency, a lot of it was that she didn't have any clothes that weren't duty uniforms and casual clothing, having shipped most of her stuff into storage. Hopefully she didn't stand out too much. So she also started heading towards the event.

Spencer had been in his quarters for a bit sprucing up and getting into his dress uniform. He had trimmed up his beard a little and worked to style his hair just right. He did a final check in the mirror and left his quarters. He was early enough that he headed to Annett's quarters to offer an escort to the event. When he arrived he pressed the chime outside and awaited an answer.

"Well don't you look handsome?" Annett said, after the door to her quarters parted. She herself was wearing a turquoise dress, flats because she definitely didn't need heels at her height her hair up in a french braid that took admittedly longer than she'd like to set up herself she was getting out of practice.

"Well, I might clean up decently, but I believe it is you who everyone will be watching," Spencer said taking in the Captain's appearance. "You look stunning this evening."

"You're already a Command Master Chief I don't think there's much for you to be buttering me up for," Annett teased. "But thank you," she said, offering him her arm.

"There is more than rank," Spencer said with a chuckle as he took her arm and they began heading toward the event.

"Sure sure," Annett said. "Lead the way my friend."

Nikita wasn't even unpacked yet and here she was getting ready for a party. Looking through one of the open boxes that had her more casual clothing, she was trying to find heels that would be a good match to the outfit she picked. To her understanding, it was some kind of Andorian celebration led by one of the senior officers. Nikita didn't even had time to study other crewmembers properly.

"Yes!" She grinned and pulled nice strappy high heels, with a thicker strap over her ankles. It should go well with a knee-long leather skirt and the red top that opening on the midriff and deep cleavage.

She put on the heels and made a trip to the mirror, to ensure all is perfect, including the makeup.

Cirice almost breezed in, certain she was borderline late since the quibbling over what she would wear segued into Moose-kah wanted to come too and Cirice was sure the opinionated fishing cat would end up causing a stir. After promising if there was food, she'd sneak out some, she headed off in her Carnivale attire. She skipped her usual off duty facepaints, and wore her hair in carefully coiled loose braids. Seeing some already there in dress attire, she inwardly winced but would roll with it.

Kehlan moved to greet people as they entered. “ Hello, welcome.” He said, a smile tracing his lips. “ help yourself to some drinks.” He indicated a table with glasses of an opaque beige drink.

"Thank you.", Cirice said as she helped herself. She wasn't sure what this drink was other than it wasn't the blue ale she was familiar with. After taking a curious sniff, she took a sip.

Natsumi nodded as she entered "Thank you." She.. also took a cautious sip at the beige drink, wondering if she should have wore more casual clothing. But.. when all you have.

In the end, Brianna had taken a risk and changed from her uniform to something casual her hair normally in the severe bun now down loosely, it made a few people she passed in the corridor pause, as they'd never seen her out of uniform.

When she arrived she silently thanked whoever was watching out for her she ditched the uniform because she would have been the only one except for one Andorian formal uniform. But she started to blend in.

Then is when the Captain and Command Master Chief made their grand entrance into the room. They were arm-in-arm and made quite a couple even if just because they were all they had. Annett pointed toward the doctor and the two made their way over there.

"Colonel," Annett said, pleasantly. "Fantastic job."

"Looks wonderful," Spencer added as he took in more of the room.

“Thank you both!” Kehlan was beaming from ear to ear.

Natsumi looked a bit at the Captain and Command Master Chief, a spark of mischief in her green eyes before she turned back to the food and drink, listening quietly. She was.. just a bit unsure about this, but that's why she came - to learn more.

“Help yourselves to food as well.” The Andorian chimed jovially. “The Andorian diet consists of Seafood and vegetables mostly. There is a wide range of things to try so please enjoy.”

The Andorian man stepped toward the small stage he’d set and assumed a seat by a large drum. He picked up a decorative stick and began to beat the drum rhythmically. The blue skinned man began to emit a noise from his throat. Traditional Andorian throat song was an essential part of any cultural event.

Cirice started to sample a little of everything on the table. The flavorings were different than what she was used to but still quite good. She liked the small purple teardrop shaped vegetable with the slightly sweet pulp inside. It was definitely something she could binge snack on easily. Looking over the variety of seafood, she discretely palmed a napkin to grab a few things for Moose-kah who would never let her hear the end of it if she came back to quarters with fish on her breath and nothing for him.

She nibbled a few things until she came to the platter of what looked like some sort of pickled whitefish. Carefully tasting it, Cirice's eyes widened and her tastebuds sang like a choir. She had always been more partial to spicy foods, but the tanginess of the fish was simply amazing. A few pieces were quickly palmed for Moose-kah. Cirice gestured to the others that they had to try it. When the drum started, Cirice discreetly glanced around to see if there was something she needed to be doing as part of the event, but it didn't seem so. Once the throat singing started with the unique notes filling her ears, she found herself fighting with herself to not start dancing along.

Annett having paused to watch the doctor start his song then had a growl in her stomach so she led Spencer still attached at the arm to the buffet tables. The smell was good though she didn't really recognize any of it nothing was unappealing. "Looks good," she muttered to Spencer, as she moved them closer and approached their COMMO.

"Good Evening Ms. Craven," Annett said. "What do you suggest?"

"Where do I begin?", Cirice said with a smile as she pointed things out, "This pickled fish here's tempting enough to eat the whole platter. These purple teardrops are pretty good too." She paused briefly to look over what she had already sampled, "Those blue star shaped I'm not sures are pretty good too, even better with that green spicy sauce."

"I wonder what they're called," Annett said, as she surveyed the food and began to collect some of the items that Cirice had suggested. "The purple things smell wonderful."

Spencer was looking at the collection of food and sniffed at a few things. He put a few different items on his plate and took a couple of bites of things as he reviewed more of the spread.

"I'm not sure.", Cirice said, "I know some Andorian, but food names aren't one of my strengths. They don't look like tuber root. Might be vithi bulbs but I'm honestly not sure."

“Right you are.” Kehlan said, popping up behind Cirice.

"They smell wonderful," Annett repeated for the doctor.

Emily didn't much like crowds. Or parties of any sort. With so many people in one space, there was too much potential for the wrong sorts of trouble to pop up. But when the Starfleet types had such gatherings, they tended to be a bit put out if their shipmates didn't show up, even if those shipmates didn't quite fit into such events. So she'd put on the stuffy dress variant of her uniform and shown up to the cultural event. Keeping mostly to herself - but keeping an eye open for trouble - she quietly scoped out the food and drink options. Unfamiliar with Andorian cuisine, she honestly didn't know what any of it was, but most of it smelled nice at least.

"Captain," Annett said, when she saw that Emily had joined them. "Good to see you here. I was hoping we'd have some of the detachment come on up for it. I know that the Morale Officer was excited to make sure they all got invitations."

In fact, she had directed the morale officer to send each one an individual invitation something they'd done only for the detachment. The general crew just got the announcement via the bulk daily email of information and a posting in the crew's mess.

"Hopefully we'll see some others join in too," Annett added.

"I hope so too, ma'am. I encouraged everyone to join in the event, even if they just came for food and to watch the performances. No one else is here yet though." Emily frowned slightly, wondering just where her team was if they weren't here. The personal invitations had been so thoughtful, and she'd thought everyone would appreciate being invited.

Kehlan moved to a central location in the room. “Would anyone like to join my drum circle?” He asked, clearly eager to continue the entertainment.

Spencer looked up and shrugged. He placed his plate down and went to join the good doctor. "Tell me what I need to do!" Spencer said with a bit of joy as he joined.

"I'll watch," Annett said, excusing herself from the group.

Cirice's face lit up the moment Kehlan said the 'D' word. Drums were the first instrument she learned as a child so she was more than ready. "I should've brought mine from my quarters.", she said as she joined the colonel.

Kehlan smiled at his volunteers and ushered them to positions around the drum he’d been beating before. He handed each of them a mallet made from the tusk of an Andorian walrus.” It’s all about keeping in rhythm with each other. Keep you eyes on each other not the drum.”

Spencer followed the directions of Kehlan and took up his post. He examined the mallet that was handed to him. He looked up at everyone that had joined them. "When do we begin?"

Natsumi considered a bit, then decided that being a wallflower wouldn't be the best of ideas forever, and took a position as well.

“Count us in?” He asked of Spencer, with a smile and nod to Natsumi who had just joined them.

"Sure," Spencer said as he made eye contact with each person at the drum. He counted them down and started drumming.

It wasn’t the most clean performance it could’ve been, but Kehlan was expecting that of a group of first timers. They looked as though they were having fun and that’s what mattered the most.

Kehlan joined in again with his throat singing. The evening was turning out to be more of a success than he had anticipated.

Nikita was the late comer. She hoped that after she would get a good sleep tonight she would catch up on all the things. Looking around she located the captain and identified senior officers based on their profile pictures in the databases. Looking around and trying to blend into the general concept of the... celebration? She moved toward where the drinks were to pick something up.

"Evening," Sergeant First Class Vince Ewing said, as he approached the beautiful young woman. He couldn't help but notice the good looking blonde as she made her entrance.

"Sergeant Ewing," he said, introducing himself.

Nikita turned to the NCO when he approached. Her blue eyes looked into his eyes as she tried to assess him. "Nice to meet you, sergeant. I am Lieutenant Andreeva. Science Officer. Just came aboard in time for the event. What you do aboard?" She put one hand on her hips. She thought that being dressed in civilian clothes, it would be best to explain her assignment and full rank.

"I'm a Special Forces Medical Sergeant," he told her. "Of course while aboard the Antares I help out in sickbay when not otherwise engaged." He was a bit disappointed the stunning blonde was an officer, but who knew maybe she wouldn't care about the rank difference.

"Nice to meet you," Nikita replied and her eyes got bigger. "So, you are like a commando? How long have you been one?"

"Thirteen lucky years," the SFC responded. "It was what I wanted to do when I joined the army but the medical part was a surprise calling. Did you always want to be a scientist?" he asked.

"That's a good question." Nikita thought for a moment. "No, I don't think I ever wanted to be a scientist." She laughed. "I think I became one because it just suits my personality best. I was mostly people's person. I like talking, socializing, but I also have the urge to explore, to learn. To experiment. I am restless. I like challenges. So... it sort of fell into being a science officer." She paused briefly, shrugged, and added quietly. "But I am not a typical scientist. More like the crazy one. So, what is different here for a commando, on the ship compared to being in the army?"

"Well I'm still in the Army," he said. "I just... am in the Army on a ship?" he shrugged. "I've learned, obviously, a lot more about being on a ship in space but the work is mostly the same. We just deploy to other planets from the ship and assist the crew when we are here. I work in sickbay when we aren't training or on a mission for instance."

He looked thoughtful for a moment before adding, "how thin is the line between a crazy scientist and a mad one?"

"I would say the difference is similar to honorable and dishonorable discharge." Nikita replied with a smile. "As for being in the Army... for a long time I thought that on starships you have the Navy and the Marines. The Army is on the ground." She said slowly. "With the Starfleet that first bit seems to be right... but army in space?" She giggled. "That never stuck well with me, but I guess too much old movies."

“It’s just how our military is organized,” he shrugged. “Who knows how it’ll progress as Earth continues to be a single functioning government,” the Sergeant thought. “Nobody a hundred years ago would have thought.”