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Reporting in

Posted on 08 Sep 2020 @ 10:09pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nikita Andreeva

Mission: Prologue: Earth Ho!
Location: Captain's Quarters, Antares
Timeline: Mission Day 18 at 1730

Nikita stopped in front of captain’s quarters. She looked down on her uniform, making sure everything was in order. Satisfied, she tapped the button of the doorbell to announce her presence.

She arrived on the starship two hours ago as one of the latest additions to the crew, transferred from the Aquarius to take over the Science Department. First thing she decided to do, after she made sure all her stuff was in her quarters, was of course to report to the commanding officer. It was not only part of the protocol but seemed like a natural courtesy.

So here she was, armed with the knowledge of quick study of the captain’s dossier.

Annett was still in uniform some items that needed attention kept her in her office a bit later than she’d hoped to spend there. She was just attending to her dress which came from the closet and was now hanging near her bed. She had three such dresses for special occasions aboard ship.

“Enter,” she called, when the chime sounded. She turned to see who joined her and was surprised to not recognize this young woman. “Can I help you?” She asked, stepping toward the door.

Nikita entered and stood there to the attention, looking right into the captain's eyes. She seemed to be surprised seeing her, which Nikita took as a good thing. The captain was tall, though it wasn't a surprise for Nikita based on captain's file.
"Captain. Lieutenant Andreeva, reporting for duty." She introduced herself. "Your new science officer. I wanted to say, I am happy to join your crew."

“Oh, welcome aboard, Lieutenant,” Annett said. “Feel free to have a seat,” she said, motioning to her office chair by the desk. “Sorry I was just getting ready our Senior Medical Officer is hosting an Andorian Cultural Event, if you’d like to join,” she said.

"Oh..." Nikita smiled and nodded. "But of course, captain. I'd be happy to join the event." She said as she approached the desk and gracefully slipped on the chair. Crossing her legs she continued. "What's the occasion and should I bring anything for the event?"

"Our Senior Medical Officer is an Andorian exchange officer and he wanted to introduce our crew to his culture. A fantastic idea I believe," Annett said, as she stood facing her new Science Officer. "In fact you will be serving as our morale officer as a collateral duty."

Nikita nodded.

"Of course captain. I'd be happy to do that." She said. In fact she was doing similar duty on the previous ship so it wasn't something it would be new to her. "An Andorian event? That sounds very interesting. Is there a dressing code for that occasion?"

"None that was discussed, I'm wearing this," she said, indicating her dress.

Nikita smiled.

"I am sure you'd look stunning, ma'am." She commented. "If that is not too bold. I guess good that my clothes came with me. Is there anything I should know about the ship, or the crew, or maybe you that you want to share, ma'am?"

"I don't think at the moment," Annett said. "Get yourself your quarters from Support and then join the party. We're not getting underway until Monday so you'll have plenty of time to get work accomplished."

"Of course, captain." Nikita stood up. "I am looking forward to see you on the party." She glanced meaningfully at the dress.

"You too," Annett said, "see you later."


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