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Early Morning Time Crunch

Posted on 03 Sep 2020 @ 12:57am by Lieutenant Commander Jackson "Jack" Watney

Mission: M1: Distress Signal (Cancelled)
Location: Deck B, Watney Quarters; Deck F, Engineering Control Room, Engineer's Office; Deck C, Crew Mess, Jefferies Tube
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0330

The alarm buzzed. It kept buzzing. An arm reached out from under the sheets and slapped the wall console and the sound turned off. Laying on his back, Jack Watney rubbed his eyes and groaned. "Shit." He said under his breath. Planting his feet on the floor, he stood up and shuffled his naked body to the bathroom and started up the shower.

He came out and pulled on the blue boxer briefs and a tank top, then pulled the blue coverall uniform up to his waist. Reaching back into the drawer, he tugged the black undershirt over his head before pulling the blue coveralls up all the way. Checking his hair one last time, he left his quarters. Stepping out of the door, he paused and turned back. Walking over to his desk and grabbed the PADD.

Walking into the empty mess hall, he grabbed an empty mug and put it in the drink dispenser, "Coffee, cream and sugar." He said as it started to pour out. He waited, stretched and yawned, before the coffee was ready.

Jack walked into the Engineering Control Room, coffee mug in hand. The night shift was small, and since they were still docked, nothing really major happened. The warp core was in power save mode, and the engineering crew on the night shift was all looking at consoles and other diagnostics. The Engineering Officer approached the main display and logged in. Sipping his coffee, I hate mornings. He had a report due at 0500, and he had it most done last night, but he already knew that he had to get up early anyway to turn in the report, so he saved the easy stuff for the morning. Turning off the display, Jack moved to his office and sat down to finish it. Grabbing the zipper at his neck he lowered it a few inches and undid the top button.

As he proof read his report, he started to think about the last day. He had barely been onboard for 24 hours and it had been a non-stop thrill ride... well really it had been busy. He had to get acquainted with the engine. This wasn't his first time with a warp 5 engine, the Galileo had one, though not this new.

He hadn't met the Captain in person yet, but he was super excited too. He had followed the project she headed up, with the DSR, and couldn't believe that he had gotten this position. He wanted to thank her, but was waiting to do it in person.

He had gotten off track... His chin rested on his palm. Taking another sip of coffee he continued reading, "...the impulse manifold simulation worked at 99.8%, which is within perimeters..." He kept reading, and changing things... Looking at the chrono, Jack had 39 minutes to submit the report. He had one more thing to look at. He grabbed his PADD and stood up from his desk and walked back into the control room. Upon entering he walked over to the power relay diagnostic station and started running diagnostics. All of them were coming back as good. Except one... he frowned... and ran the diagnostic again. Still down. Dropping his head he looked up the last person to do a diagnostic, and saw that there wasn't one done yesterday like he had asked. Glancing at the chrono again he quickly turned and grabbed a tool kit and let the room.

The Engineer quickly walked down the corridors until he found the jefferies tube that he was looking for. Popping the panel open, he climbed up inside and used the tricorder to find the relay that needed replaced. He had 15 minutes to get this fixed and the report submitted. He had never been late on a report, and he never will. YES! He thought as he found the relay and popped open his tool kit. Working quickly he was able to get the relay fixed. Climbing back down the jefferies tube, and to the lift, and back into the engineering control room, he ran the diagnostic again. 100%. He would deal with whoever didn't do it yesterday later.

Back in his office, he added the power relay report to the end of his report. Read it really quick and submitted it. 0459. Closer than he would have liked, but it was in. Leaning back in his chair, he grabbed his coffee mug.. empty... "Time for breakfast." He got up, and left the control room and back up to C Deck to get some more coffee and breakfast. He would have to workout later. It was a busy day with the ship leaving and all.


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