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Eyes Wide Shut

Posted on 05 Sep 2020 @ 2:58pm by Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine

Mission: M1: Distress Signal (Cancelled)
Location: Quarters - Earth Stardock
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0400

As the hour struck 0400, a small alarm started to go off in the quarters. It gradually increased in sound to awaken the occupants of the room from their just recent slumber.

"Alright," Spencer said in a hushed groan as he sat up and looked around the room. He wasn't in his quarters on the Antares, but these quarters weren't unfamiliar to him either. With an internal chuckle about the situation, he quickly reached over and disabled the alarm.

Spencer leaned over and kissed the other occupant of the bed on the cheek and then got up. This has been their farewell for years when either of them had to leave.

Spencer quietly went to the bathroom to shower and clean up, prior to putting on his uniform. Roughly twenty minutes later, he was dressed and checking his final appearance in the mirror. With his final check done, he was out the door and on the hunt for some coffee.

He roamed the station taking in the hussle and bussle of everything coming to life for the morning. He nodded to a few folks as he sipped his coffee. Inevitably, his feet lead him straight to his next destination. He was standing at the airlock heading onto the Antares, his home for the foreseeable future. Spencer handed off his coffee cup to one of the crewmen working around the area and then adjusted his uniform.

"Good Morning," Spencer said as he came through the airlock onto the ship and saluted the watchstander.

"Morning Master Chief," he replied after returning the salute and pulling out his padd. "I have you onboard at 0445. We are still waiting for the crew to arrive, but most have."

"Thank you," Spencer said as he looked at the padd that had been handed to him and he quickly signed it and handed it back.

"Please inform the bridge that I have arrived," Spencer added.

"Aye Aye, Master Chief," He replied and then saluted again.

Spencer returned the salute, then made his way to his office to review any reports that came in while he was off duty.


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