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A Change of Destination

Posted on 26 Feb 2021 @ 6:28pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Sharque & Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Lieutenant Commander Josiah Hawkins & Captain Emily Ross & Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari MD

Mission: A Miner Problem
Location: Ward Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1322

David was already in the Ward Room working on some paperwork and enjoying a late lunch. When the announcement for senior staff to report to the Ward Room came from overhead he sighed at the half of sandwich that was still before him.

"Make a fresh pot of coffee and get mugs and the like set out," he said, looking up at the steward who was cleaning.

"Aye sir," the steward said, as he quickly moved into the small kitchen attached to the wardroom.

Dave returned his attention to his sandwich hoping to have it finished before he was disturbed.

The doors to the wardroom opened, immediately dashing the warrant officer's hopes. Through the open doorway walked the Antares' new Chief Engineer, Josiah Hawkins. He stepped aside, allowing the door to close as his eyes wandered around the wardroom. His position required him to know every nook, cranny, and capability of the Antares, and while he was far from unfamiliar about the class, Josiah knew all too well that each ship had its own idiosyncrasies. It would only be a matter of time before he learned them all.

What surprised Josiah now was that he seemed to be among the first to arrive. Part of him wondered if this made him look too eager. He brushed this thought aside quickly, figuring the best impression he could make today would be a good one. "Good afternoon," he then greeted the warrant officer.

"Good afternoon to you too, sir," the Warrant Officer said, with a slight nod after wiping his mouth with a napkin. "How's the plant treating ya?"

"Pretty well," Josiah remarked approaching the table. He extended a friendly hand and introduced himself, "Josiah Hawkins, Engineering."

"Ah, the new guy," David said, wiping his hands and then standing before shaking the engineer's hand. "David Sharque, support, nice to meet you."

“Greetings!” Said the Andorian Doctor finding his way around to find a seat. He looked around with a smile at the faces already assembled.

"Colonel!" David said, excitedly. "Have you met our new Engineer? This is Josiah Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins this is our doctor. Colonel ch' Bari," he said, quite evident he wasn't sure if he had the pronunciation yet.

The blue man smiled. He was happy to hear the crew attempt his name. He extended a hand to Hawkins. “A pleasure.”

Josiah accepted the handshake and offered a smile in return. "A pleasure indeed, Colonel."

Spencer sighed at the announcement. He knew this didn't mean great things for them. Impromptu senior staff meeting while on their way back to Earth, what more could be expected. As Spencer made his way through the corridors he greeted the various crew. When he finally reached Deck B and the door leading to the Wardroom he gave a small sigh and opened it.

Spencer overheard the various greetings. "Colonel, Commander, Chief Warrant Officer," He said down the various pecking order of ranks. Before heading to his own seat, he stopped along the wall by the coffee and poured himself a cup.

Natsumi entered the room a bit after Spencer, greeting everyone as she got a cup of coffee as well "Colonel, Commander, Command Master Chief, Chief Warrant Officer." She didn't know the reason for the sudden meeting, but as she had spent most of the morning handling various things, so it was possible she just missed something.

Kehlan smiled warmly.

A previously unannounced staff meeting, and the captain had remembered to invite her. As she made her way into the Ward Room, Emily couldn't help thinking that it was odd. And wondering what prompted it. A few others were already gathered, but she didn't see Annett there yet. That, too, was unusual.

"Command Master Chief, Commander, Captain," Josiah greeted the newcomers. The formality in the room did not escape him. He hadn't seen a laid back crew yet in his Starfleet service, and given this ship's primary mission, he didn't expect to see any relaxation on that. For now, the engineer took his seat and awaited the remainder of the staff, and the ship's Captain, to show up.

"That was quite a list," Annett said, coming in the room. "Keep your seats, let's get started, I don't have a lot to say..." Annett said, heading for her seat.

"Ma'am?" The steward had returned with a fresh pot of coffee on a tray with mugs.

"None for me thanks," she said. "If you want to just set it on the table anyone else interested can grab it themselves."

The Steward responded with a nod and placed the coffee in the middle of the table and disappeared back through the door he came in.

"We've been sent by Starfleet Command on a priority one to Terra Nova B," she began once everyone had their seats. "Apparently Terra Nova Colony notified Starfleet Command that they had lost contact with their moon's mining colony and weren't sure why. The Novans still have no real way to make the trip and frankly aren't willing to anyway. Starfleet currently has no sensor data that is helpful either," she said, glancing around for facial expressions and the like.

Natsumi made a minor nod, although there was an expression of dislike for a second - Terra Nova often didn't like to cooperate with Starfleet Command in depth, and part of that was, justifiably cost and part of it was just sheer .. well, a lot of people who were there didn't want to be part of Earth. That part she could understand even if she didn't like it

"We are to investigate the cause of the loss of contact with the mining colony. Another ship with additional medical personnel is being dispatched to meet us there but likely will be a day or two behind. I have no word on what ship and when they are departing."

"We need all departments to plan for a mining rescue operation, we should prepare the multipurpose deck for medical patients and other potential evacuations, don't forget we have a qualified Medical Specialist, and Combat Engineers as well as just muscle from our MACO Detachment as well. Keep Captain Ross and her people busy," Annett said.

"Engineering and Operations will obviously work with getting the multipurpose space configured and computer terminals in that area installed and online, as well," Annett said, outlining the general idea of what would be happening on their transit to the Terra Novan Moon.

"I honestly forgot to ask," Annett said, "anyone know what the atmosphere of this moon is?"

"The mining colony is on a Luna-class atmosphere," Natsumi said, looking up from her notes. "The mining colony uses a dome and secondary system for emergencies, although from what I understand, the original concept was to have a ship on hand for emergencies, before it was canceled due to cost issues."

Josiah nodded, carefully taking in the briefing and the tasks that were assigned to Engineering and Operations. "Shouldn't take much to get the deck rigged up." He looked over to the Andorian Colonel and added, "If there's anything special you'll need set up, just let us know."

His antennas twitched. "I will send you a schematic for how the space should be set up for maximum efficiency." Colonel ch'Bari wanted to use an Andorian battlefield setup for the auxiliary space. It was, in his own opinion, more efficient that the United Earth variants in the database.

The engineer nodded to the Andorian doctor, eager to see what he had in mind.

"We should plan on needing EVA for the mission we won't know until we arrive if the dome is compromised. Though I'd imagine for the subterranean operations we'd need them anyway?" Annett asked, not certain how the mechanics of the dome would work in that situation. "I'm a little out of my realm when it comes to planetary dome engineering."

ch'Bari made vigorous notes throughout the meeting. Nodding his understanding, not that anyone was watching for the response, but he had read that Humans are big on non-verbal affirmations.

"We are good on emergency supplies and equipment as of now," David spoke up. "We took extra disposable equipment aboard for the training mission so our normal stockpile for standby is good to go," the Support Officer chimed in. "As for the biodomes I haven't the slightest, ma'am."

"I'm afraid I don't have much experience with biodomes either," Josiah reported. "My specialty is with propulsion, but I've found ways to make different structures work overtime."

"Potentially." Natsumi looks up. "From what I can read, it's in the emergency procedures. That said, I think we have a few warrants from the engineering department posted on Luna's bases, so we might want to see if any of them have any relevant experience."

"Ops, Eng work on figuring out the mechanics behind these mines and what sort of protection that we will need to have in addition to setting up the multipurpose deck. Colonel try and find out what you can about any general health hazards or concerns we need to be aware of without the thought of explosion or collapse for this location and I'll do my best to find out what medical backup we are going to get and when. You will be the on-scene medical director regardless," Annett ordered.

"Will do," Josiah confirmed with a nod. He then looked over to Commander Messala and gave her a nod as well, letting her know he was ready to work when she was.

Kehlan nodded, making the note. "Yes Sir." He said, almost too naturally.

"Captain Ross brief your team and have your relevant specialists lend a hand when they can. Everyone else will be muscle for the rescue operations so brush up on EVA operations just in case."

Emily nodded slightly. "We'll be ready. We practice EVA a few times a week anyway... never know when you'll need it."

"Mr. Sharque if you can please make sure that all the department heads have an update supply and equipment list. And see where we can find all the EVA suits we may need. I'll try and get some more brought with the medical teams," she said.

"You got it ma'am," he said, noting his padd.

"Anyone have anything else?" she asked. She gave everyone a chance to speak up before getting up from her chair. “Dismissed.”


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